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Sales & Operations Planning Instructor's Manual

Do you need to educate people on key concepts like Sales & Operations Planning and want self-administered programs that you can run at your own pace and on your own schedule? The new Partners for Excellence Sales & Operations Planning Instructor’s Manual was specifically designed to support timely, focused, self-administered education. This comprehensive Instructor’s Manual contains:

bulletDetailed course material and paper copies of the visuals used in conducting a class.
bullet Instructor notes for each visual – what are the key points that need to be made?
bullet Brainstorming questions to facilitate two-way discussion and learning.

These materials can be used as a turnkey, stand-alone product, or the material and examples can be customized and tailored to fit your processes and environment. The Sales & Operations Planning Instructor’s Manual can be used to conduct 8-24 hours of education.

Instructor's Manual Contents:

bulletS&OP Planning Problems
bulletS&OP Planning Purpose
bulletFive (5) Step Sales & Operations Planning Process
bulletDemand Planning and Sales/Marketing Role
bulletProduction Planning and Rough Cut Capacity Planning
bulletPartnership Meeting
bulletS&OP Meeting And Agenda
bulletSales & Operations Planning Horizon
bulletS&OP Process Time Line
bulletPerformance Measurements
bulletMechanics of Sales & Operations Planning
bulletTop Management’s Role in S&OP Planning
bulletSales & Operations Planning Checklist

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