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Sales & Operations Planning Handbook

This Sales & Operations Planning Handbook was created from the hard work of many individuals in many different companies. The content is based on what has been proven to work in real world business situations. There are no theories or "ideas," just practical and proven solutions.

The purpose of this Handbook is to help facilitate internal education, provide a preliminary level of understanding, and simplify the implementation of a Sales & Operations Planning process in your company. Samples, examples, specific step by step instructions, and internal audit data are provided to help your company start or improve Sales & Operations Planning. This information helps reduce the time and effort spent on reinventing items that have been documented as best practice in other companies.

The handbook is broken into sections. You don't have to read it from front to back to get results. Our objective is to make it as useful as possible and to save you time and effort with implementing and using an effective and productive Sales & Operations Planning process. Check out the table of contents here.

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