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Master Production Scheduling Instructor's Manual

Do you need to educate people on key concepts like Master Production Scheduling and want self-administered programs that you can run at your own pace and on your own schedule?

The new Partners for Excellence Master Production Scheduling Instructor’s Manual was specifically designed to support timely, focused, self-administered education. This comprehensive Instructor’s Manual contains:
bulletDetailed course material and paper copies of the visuals used in conducting a class.
bulletInstructor notes for each visual – what are the key points that need to be made?
bulletBrainstorming questions to facilitate two-way discussion and learning.
bulletThese materials can be used as a turnkey, stand-alone product, or the material and examples can be customized and tailored to fit your processes and environment.
bulletThe MPS Instructor’s Manual can be used to conduct 8-24 hours of education.

Instructor's Manual Contents:
bulletKeys to MPS
bulletMPS Mechanics – Part I
bullet MPS Mechanics – Part II
bulletManaging Change in the MPS
bulletMPS Optional Techniques
bulletRough Cut Overview
bulletRough Cut Mechanics – Part I
bulletRough Cut Mechanics – Part II
bulletImplementing MPS
bulletOperating the MPS
bulletOptimizing the MPS

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