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Problems & Solutions

It takes too long!

It costs too much!

We can't ship customer orders on time!

What do we do first?

What tools do we need?

We can help you deal with these issues and many others. We have over 200 combined years of experience of helping companies make incredible improvements in cost reduction, quick response to customer needs, and shipping customer orders on time. Clarity, Visibility and Simplicity are the watch words for our solutions. Additionally, we provide a path of low risk that is based on seeing measurable results in 90 days or less.

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D. R. Rice Company is a multi-talented consulting and education company serving manufacturing and distribution businesses by helping clients find solutions to current World Class competitive challenges and taking advantage of opportunities for future success. This is done by integrating the proper philosophies, concepts, techniques, and tools with the client's manufacturing and/or distribution business processes, emphasizing control, simplification, and reliability. D. R. Rice Company emphasizes the integration of the World Class philosophies of:

bullet Manufacturing Resource Planning
bullet Just-In-Time
bullet Enterprise Resource Planning
bullet Supply Chain Management
bullet Value Chain Management
bullet Synchronous Flow Manufacturing
bullet Continuous Improvement
bullet Total Quality Management
bullet People Involvement & Empowerment
bullet Supplier Partnerships
bullet Distribution Resource Planning.

This in turn will optimize manufacturing and distribution flexibility (speed), cost, and customer satisfaction.

Don Rice is a Senior Partner with Partners for Excellence. You can find additional information at the following web site (Partners for Excellence).

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