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Our Philosophy

D. R. Rice Company does full service manufacturing consulting and education specializing in the implementation of manufacturing and distribution improvement systems: SCM, Lean Manufacturing, ERP, MRP II, DRP, JIT, People Empowerment, and Total Quality Management. Our focus is on results and actions to achieve them through tailored implementation and education programs that guarantee success. Following is a listing of the key points in my philosophy for assisting companies with business process improvements.

bulletHelp manufacturing companies become competitive in the tough global marketplace.
bulletEnsure that each manufacturing company is maximizing customer service, minimizing inventories and business costs, and maximizing flexibility. Provide consulting to make sure these objectives are being achieved.
bulletHelp energize the company so people throughout the organization view "change as the status quo."
bulletView every activity in a manufacturing company that combines people, equipment, raw material, methods, and/or environment to produce a product or service as a process.
bulletFocus on results versus activities. This is done through a high energy and empowered organization. Utilizing the untapped natural company resource - its people!
bulletCreate a vision and structure for a 90-day improvement plan to reach the goals, objectives, and desired business results.
bulletIdentify high payback opportunities.
bulletDetermine the obstacles, barrier, and problems in balancing the fundamental manufacturing equation of Supply = Demand.
bulletIntegrate the concepts of Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement (Just-In-Time), Synchronous Flow Manufacturing, and People Empowerment with Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II).
bulletProvide on site education that is a cost effective way to utilize the people's time and the company's money.
bulletEducation is not an activity that is done in the "learn, recite, and Thank God that's over" mode. Instead, education is done on an "as needed" or Just-In-Time basis in a "learn, understand, discuss, apply, and get results" mode.
bulletSupport the "train the trainer" philosophy.
bulletUtilize an implementation process to determine where the "biggest" obstacles, barriers, and problems are within the companies. This is done with the people's help through a manufacturing audit/assessment.
bulletFocus on the 20% of the problems that, if eliminated, will provide 80% of the benefits with a time-line for the activities to get results in 90 days.

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