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Don Rice is a management consultant and educator with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. Don is president of D. R. Rice Company and a senior partner of Partners for Excellence. He specializes in consulting and education for Supply Chain Management and Logistics implementations while integrating the Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Total Quality Management (TQM), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Continuous Improvements (CI), Just-In-Time (JIT), and People Involvement and Empowerment philosophies. He holds an A.S. degree in Industrial Engineering Technology from Nashville Tech and is certified (CPIM) by the American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS). He is a frequent speaker for APICS and other professional organizations.

Previously, Don was associated with R. D. Garwood, Inc. for over eight years, where he provided consulting and education for a wide variety of companies both abroad and in North America. He has developed and taught courses to managers and executives and has published numerous articles. Some of his clients have included Bristol-Meyers Squibb, BASF, Ingersoll-Rand, O-Cedar Brands, Torrington, Pandrol-Jackson, Crescent Hosiery, Maxfli, Ethel M Chocolates, Mizuno Air Products & Chemicals, and Simon Ladder Towers.

Before becoming associated with R. D. Garwood, Inc., Don was Manufacturing Administrator for APCOM, Inc. where his responsibilities included Purchasing, Production Control, Data Processing, Internal Management Consulting. He designed and developed company wide systems to support sales planning and forecasting, sales & operations planning, cycle counting, point-of-use inventory control, back-flushing, engineering changes, vendor scheduling, flow production processes, and capacity requirements management.

Don was full-time Project Leader during APCOM's successful MRP II implementation. He took a stalled implementation project, restarted it, and reached "Class A" status and recognition. After reaching "Class A" status, he focused the management team on pursuing additional applications of Just-In-Time manufacturing principals.

Don is the author of many widely read articles including:

"Safety Stock: Unsafe at any Level"

"Sales and Operations Planning Handbook - coauthor"

"Sure You Have a Headache"

"The Forecast Was Wrong Again"

"Identifying the Critical Issues"

"MRP II & JIT Make a Tough, Competitive Combination" - co-author

"Best Practices"

"Cycle Counting: Down for the Count"

"It takes to long and it costs to much"

"Performance Measurements: Fact or Opinion"

"Lean Manufacturing or The Visual Factory"

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