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Any of these problems sound familiar?

bulletOur people don’t understand our company’s vision.
bulletEven management has little appreciation for, or understanding of, what’s needed for future improvements.
bulletCritical resources (people, time, and money) are being wasted in “generic” education program that don’t address company issues and problems.
bulletWe’ve had too many failures of both systems and projects to deliver anticipated results.

What’s the solution? A solid, well-planned program of tailored, on-site education. Top management and operating management need education and training to fully understand how to manage and how to use the latest tools and techniques to compete successfully in an ever-changing environment. But these programs must be tailored to company terminology, issues, and problems.

Our Approach

We can show you how to solve problems in a time frame that matches your plans.  We can help you prepare a detailed, on-site education plan time-phased to your implementation. We provide the initial courses customized to ensure that your key people will be ready to upgrade your management approaches confidently and on a timely and cost-effective basis.

These courses are focused on your needs — we use only those tools and approaches applicable in your environment. We will show you how to solve problems in a time frame that matches your plans. The courses include detailed explanations and examples, as well as interactive workshops. Workshops are designed to help you identify and solve your problems through interactive sessions that get your people working together in teams, and starting to apply the concepts to your environment and situation.

Following intensive on-site interviews with your people to review your current situation, we will select proven educational materials from our extensive library. We customize these materials into courses that best meet the needs of your personnel. We don’t use the old “memorize and forget” methods. In our courses, your people will discuss, understand, and apply what they have learned. The focus is on solving problems and improving business results.

Individual course durations vary. The size of the audience, your individual situation, and the level of understanding of your people can affect the amount of time required. In the list below, we've shown "typical" durations.

These courses can be scheduled at your convenience, at a location of your choosing, for a reasonable investment of time and money and in a way that keeps "time away" at a bare minimum for your key people. Best of all, the courses focus on opportunities for immediate results and improved operating performance. Following the session, we provide can provide on-going consultation to help you apply the theories and practices, to get you on the road to success and keep you there.

bullet Executive Overview of Value Chain Management and ERP
bulletBasic Value Chain Management and Resource Planning Concepts for Key People
bulletSales & Operations Planning
bulletForecasting and Demand Management
bulletMaster Production Scheduling
bulletValue Chain and Resource Planning Implementation
bulletData Integrity for Improved Supply Chain Management
bulletMaster Production Scheduling
bulletBill of Material Structuring
bulletImproving Supplier Performance
bulletInventory Record Accuracy
bulletMaterial Planning
bulletSoftware Evaluation/Selection
bulletNew Product Development Process

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